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Are you an editor? And is your journal not in the database? Via the Start-button below, you will find a short questionnaire consisting of 12 questions regarding your journal’s review process ( e.g. whether you adhere to double-blind, single-blind or open review). Filling in the questionnaire will not take you more than five minutes. In case you are involved in multiple journals, please feel free to complete the form more than once.


After completing the questionnaire, a tailored report about your journal's editorial policies will be generated. The report provides an overview of your current review procedures, which you can download and showcase on your journal’s webpage. In addition, it provides suggestions for alternative review procedures and brief descriptions of how your journal may benefit from them.

Your responses to the questionnaire will be included in the public database after a moderator check. Hence completing the questionnaire allows your journal to become transparent about its editorial policies.

In case you encounter any unknown review procedures or are unsure what a specific option is referring to, please visit the information page.